How to reset Orbi Wifi System to factory default settings

The Orbi Wi-Fi System is a high-performance wireless system that brings home internet to your whole house. It helps you eliminate dead zones in your home and give you fast browsing speeds. This article will go over how you can easily reset your orbi back to factory default settings.

Resetting your Orbi Wi-Fi system to factory default settings will erase all your personalized settings like password, network name (SSID and recovery options).

The procedure will un-sync the satellites and router from one another, and you will have to pair and configure them after resetting.

Here is the step-by-step guide of how to reset your Orbi Wi-Fi system to factory default settings:

  • Before starting, ensure that your Orbi device is connected to the power source.

Step 1: Press down the “Reset Button” and hold down the button for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Repeat the reset process on all your devices.

The above steps will help you reset your Orbi easily and quickly.

Post-Reset: Setting Up Your Orbi WiFi System Again

After resetting your Orbi WiFi System to factory default settings, you will need to set up your system again. Though it may seem like a daunting task, the process is fairly straightforward. Remember, while the reset action erases your personalized settings like your password and network name, these can be easily set up again post-reset.

If you have any issues see this article on troubleshooting your orbi.


Resetting your Orbi Wi-Fi System to Factory Default Settings is straightforward, as described above. However, this will erase all your personalized settings like password, network name, but you don’t have to worry because you can set them later.

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  1. Hi Marea –

    My ISP replaced my modem with newer technology with the router function built into the modem unit. (They also replaced the cable boxes.)

    I’d like to clean my info from 2 Orbis that we used before the upgrade and resell them. Can I only erase my personal info and leave the non-personal info intact?


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