What is Panoramic WiFi and How Does it Work?

Panoramic WiFi is founded by Cox Communications. Cox is the very first internet service provider (ISP) that offers panoramic Wi-Fi to its users. 

Cox Panoramic WiFi promises high-speed internet that provides wall-to-wall coverage. It’s the perfect internet plan for renters or homeowners that are struggling with dead zones and weak internet spots. 

On top of that, it includes Smart Wi-Fi features that you can access on the app and pods. 

Let’s dig deeper and see how panoramic WiFi works, how it’s different from regular WiFi, and whether it is even worth it.

How does panoramic WiFi work?

Cox Panoramic WiFi is a two-in-one gateway that works as a modem and router. It provides a fast, reliable, safe, and stable wireless connection to your home. 

The internet goes through the gateway and then to your devices. Not to mention, combining the modem and router makes it eco-friendly, cheap, and space-saving. 

The ‘wall-to-wall’ coverage makes panoramic Wi-Fi stand out from its competitors. This eliminates dead zones so that you can enjoy seamless and robust WiFi coverage. 

On top of that, you can always buy Cox pods if you need an extra signal boost. Cox pods look like little boxes that you can plug into any wall or outlet, similar to Amazon’s Eero Beacon. 

The gateway has a smart feature that chooses the best Wi-Fi frequency for your mobile or smart home devices. 

It chooses the right band for whatever you’re doing. Whether gaming, streaming, browsing, or surfing, you will experience less latency and smoother network performance.

Panoramic Wi-Fi vs regular Wi-Fi

Panoramic Wi-Fi is fairly similar to a mesh network. But the internet passes through the gateway router-modem instead of passing through 2 or more devices. 

Cox has plenty of certified cable modems to choose from. Some of them include the following: 

Additionally, panoramic WiFi gives you robust security features and comprehensive parental controls. This gives you more control over your devices and online time consumption. 

Renting a gateway can be good if you don’t want to break the bank just for a router modem. However, you do need to pay extra monthly rental fees. 

However, the monthly rental fees can be an issue if you’re on a strict budget.

Is panoramic WiFi good for gaming?

Slow and inconsistent speeds are only some of the biggest frustrations of gamers. The good news is panoramic wifi is an excellent technology for gamers. 

As mentioned, it offers faster and more reliable speeds than regular wi-fi. On top of that, Cox also offers an Elite Gamer service that vamps up your home internet service. 

Is panoramic WiFi worth it? 

Switching to panoramic Wi-Fi is definitely worth it. It’s a smart investment, especially if you have a lot of streaming devices. 

Additionally, you won’t have to pay for extra services and features. Cox panoramic Wi-Fi offers parental controls and enhanced security features. 

You can access these features on the Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi app. So whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation, you can always see what’s happening in your home network remotely. 

Cox offers a variety of internet plans that you can choose from. Their internet plans include panoramic wifi equipment. The prices range from $49.99 -$99.99 a month with a 12-month contract. 

Whether you’re on a budget or not, there’s a plan specifically meant to meet your needs.  

  • Essential: 100 Mbps max download speeds for $49.99 monthly. It’s great for daily browsing activities and more. Plus, There’s no annual contract or any cancellation fees. 
  • Preferred: 250 Mbps max download speeds for $49.99 monthly. It’s an affordable plan that’s good for gaming, streaming, or working from home. However, in your 2nd year of subscription, the monthly fee will be $83.99. 
  • Ultimate: 500 Mbps max download speeds for $69.99 a month on the first year, then $99.99 on the second year. This plan is perfect for streaming 4K videos, multiplayer online gaming, and more! 
  • Gigablast: 1Gbps maximum download speeds for $99.99 a month on the first year of subscription. In your 2nd year, the monthly subscription costs $119.99. This plan is best for large homes with tons of smart home devices. If you stream 8K videos or play online games 24/7, this plan will save you from unnecessary lag and slow ping. 

The Bottomline

Panoramic WiFi is a revolutionary new way to connect. It’s WiFi for the entire building, not just for a single device. By installing Panoramic WiFi, you can keep all your devices connected, even if they are in a different room or area. 

With Panoramic WiFi, you’ll never have to worry about slow WiFi or dead zones again. Plus, it’s a great solution for people who are looking to get the most out of their WiFi at home.

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