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Chris Tedder

Editor-In-Chief / Owner


Routers (computing)

Consumer Electronics

Technology Journalism

Information Technology

Software Development


  • Technology Expert with over 13 years of experience in information technology and reviews.
  • Currently writes tech articles, edits articles, and serves as Editor-In-Chief for Leads Rating



Chris Tedder is a professional in the field of Information Technology. He has worked for Goodyear where he designed and implemented touch screen software that was instrumental in ensuring safety protocols.

Chris is an expert in router technology and technology journalism and currently serves as the Editor-In-Chief at Leads Rating.


Chris has a Bachelor's of Science degree from the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith in Information Technology where he graduated cum laude.

A Message From Chris Tedder

"Writing real reviews to help people get accurate, information that's easy to understand is what motivates me to be a technology journalist."

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