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Moano PD200X Review / C2 NEO Review

In this Moano PD200X review, we’ll also be looking at Moano’s C2 NEO Podcasting Console.

The PD200X offers both USB and XLR connections which is rare for a budget-priced microphone.

Many people compare this microphone directly with Shure’s MV7. I agree that’s it’s a great comparison. I personally prefer this mic to Shure’s.

In my opinion, this is a great microphone. It’s amazing when you factor in the budget price.

This mic and podcasting combo is aimed at podcasters who need a their voice to come across crystal clear. This mic is meant to be used up close (It’s not for field use).

This setup is great at suppressing background noise too.

Another great benefit of this setup is that it has a very professional look to it. It looks very similar to the Shure MV7 which many famous people use in their YouTube and podcast episodes.

Who Is Moano?

Moano is a newer company when you consider other audio brands that have been around for decades. Moano has been around for less than a decade. Surprisingly, they’ve managed to release so many products in such a short time.


Moano PD200X Features

  • Stand Adapter
  • Mute Button
  • Metal Body
  • Shock Mount
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • RGB Switch
  • USB-C Connector
  • XLR Output
  • Mute Button
  • Available XLR Cable

Accurate Voice Reproduction

It has a pretty wide frequency response: 40-16KHz. That means that your voice can be reproduced very accurately. In other words, you’ll sound like yourself when using this mic. Because the frequency range dips down to 40KHz, it’ll even capture the low end pretty well.

Moano PD200X Gain Adjustment

The PD200X has a very adjustable gain. You can speak softly and still come through loud and clear. Because the PD200X has off-axis sound suppression, it is great at pushing down background levels while ensuring your voice still comes through loud and clear.

Moano PD2000X Proprietary Software

Moana calls their software: Moano Link. You can download it for both Windows or Mac. Since I prefer mac to Windoze, I’m happy to see a Mac version of their software available.

I found the software very easy to download and setup.

The software lets you change the voice profile to deep, natural, original, or legacy. You can play around with these profiles to give your voice the sound you’re looking for.

C2 NEO Features

  • Bluetooth – This is an incredibly convenient feature. There is even an indicator LED to let you know when you have a Bluetooth device connected.
  • Microphone fader – This allows you to fine tune to volume level of the mic volume that comes into the console.
  • Headphone fader – This is an important feature that allows you to control how loud the sound is that comes through the headphone jack.
  • Auxillary knob – This controls the volume of any auxiliary devices. These can be Bluetooth or direct connections.
  • Mufti-dial knob – This knob controls the volume output for the whole console.
  • 48V Phantom Power (this supplies power to condenser mics)
  • Pitch Presets – Offers Karaoke, Church, Hall, Valley, and room.
  • Noise Reducer

Side Chain

Side chain allows you to reduce the music levels when you start talking. This gives your podcast a very professional touch.

Another side chain option is available with a second press of the button. Music-only can lower the volume of lyrics while the music volume is untouched.

This is incredibly useful for podcasters. It makes things simple when you don’t need to perform multiple tasks to get the music, lyrics, and your own voice to the correct levels while also focusing on what you’re actually saying.

Noise Reducer

If you ever record in environments with background noise, you need a way to control that noise. Nothing is as aggravating as hearing background noise in your content. It’s not very professional-sounding.

Thankfully the Moano C2 neo has a way to counteract this.

This is not an affiliate review. I receive no commission if for sales of these products.

You can check out the Moano PD200X here.

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