Netgear Orbi Solutions: Why Can’t My Orbi Satellite Connect to the Router

A Netgear Orbi takes wifi speeds to the next level. It’s ideal for large homes and offices with plenty of users and wifi-reliant gadgets. But what happens if an Orbi satellite doesn’t connect to the router? 

If that happens, you must check if you have set up your Orbi satellite correctly. Also, check if there’s a damaged satellite or router hardware, failed device sync, or a failed firmware update. Or maybe your device isn’t plugged into a power source. 

To better understand your Orbi, here’s everything you need to know. From why your device isn’t connecting to solving it. Let’s go! 

What’s mesh wifi?

Your Netgear Orbi is wireless tri-band mesh wifi. It’s a wireless system that distributes signals equally throughout the house. 

Orbi mesh networks work when you connect the router to the modem for an internet connection. Then satellites connect to the router and act as wifi range extenders. 

The Orbi satellites broadcast the same network as the router, making the signal stronger. So you’re in the living room or the kitchen, you should have a stable connection as long as you’ve got satellites nearby.

Why is my Orbi satellite not connecting to the router?

As we mentioned, mesh wifi is a wireless system. So the router and satellites communicate via wifi. 

For satellites to emit a signal, they should communicate well with the router. So if your satellite isn’t connected, something must be blocking that communication. 

Before you call Netgear tech support, try the tips and procedures below.

How to fix your Orbi satellite 

If your satellite isn’t connected to the router, your area will have a slower wifi connection. So here are the things you need to inspect and fix your Orbi satellite:

Not plugged into a power source. 

First, check if your satellite has power or is plugged into a power source. Disconnect or unplug the power cable from the outlet. Then, replug it and check if the LED light on the satellite is on. 

If the LED light is on, try reconnecting the satellite to the router. If that didn’t fix the problem, try doing the next step. 

Set up your Orbi Satellite.

Sometimes this problem happens when the satellite isn’t set up properly. It could be something might’ve gone wrong during setup, or it got interrupted. 

Try to set up your satellite in the Orbi app, and it should be good to go. If nothing changes, try the next step below. 

Put the satellite in a good location. 

Keep your satellite 3-4 feet above the floor. Also, remove it from corners, aquariums, mirrors, microwaves, and other radio frequency devices. This weakens the signal and the communication between the router and the satellite. 

Check for damaged satellite hardware. 

Check if the satellite has cracks, dents, or any damage that could affect its performance. Contact Netgear’s customer support immediately if you find damage to your device. 

Check for damaged router hardware. 

If the satellite isn’t damaged, check your router. A damaged router might mean you need to replace it. 

Unsynced router and satellite. 

If a purple/magenta light appears on your satellite, the router and satellite are not synced. Or it could also mean that the connection is blocked, so check your satellite’s position. 

The firmware update failed. 

A firmware update must have gone wrong, or it got interrupted. 

If you tried these steps, your satellite should be okay by now. However, if none of those worked, it might be best to call Netgear tech support.

The Bottom Line 

Netgear Orbi is such an efficient wifi system to have at home. Aside from its wide range signal, it makes browsing the internet and streaming videos fast and smooth. 

If none of the suggestions worked, it’s best to contact Netgear’s tech support for help and assistance. 

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