Have you been seeking a router for your general home use? If at all you are, we are pleased to notify you that you have come to the right page.

We are glad to introduce to you this wonderful wireless router that has exceeded the expectations of many users in the years past.

Indeed, this router is packed with loads of features that are geared towards regulating the contents that your home occupants can or cannot access when they choose to stream contents via it.

Among these are the parental controls, general access controls, guest wireless fidelity, VPN server, and the WPA3, among others.

Its efficacy insofar as the regulation of the contents that the children access and consume has not gone unnoticed. This has led to it garnering the legendary JD Power Award.

This is a sign that the electronic has indeed met and exceeded the highest levels of customer satisfaction that be in this field.

We drafted and dedicated the entire breadth of this TP-link ac1900 Archer A9 review to explore this router to its fullest extent. At the tail end, we hope that you would fully understand be able to make the appropriate decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages

AC1900 Advantages

Good Performance

Easy installation

Four LAN Ports

Works with Alexa

Two-year Warranty

AC1900 Disadvantages

Lacks capacity in 4+ devices

Others or slightly better in speed


On the whole, the TP-Link AC1900 Archer A9 manages the impressive 600Mbps top streaming speed on the 2.4GHz band and a further 1,300Mbps on the 5GHz band.

Then again it is designed to work seamlessly alongside the Amazon Alexa voice controls for your maximum convenience and utmost peace of mind.

At its core is the MU-MIMO Gigabit Router setting. This is capable of streaming out a whopping 3 simultaneous data jet that aids your devices in attaining optimal performances by largely making all the communication rather more efficient. It also enables your computing gadgets to work hand in hand with each other.

A VPN server also comes along to help with concealing your identity while in uncharted territory. This server gives your router the ability to bypass geo-restrictions and access contents that are blocked in that territory or geographical domain. Doing that, it broadens your scope of access to online content.

Thanks to its Smart Connect technology this router directs its users to the less congested bands at any given time.

The technology is basically capable of detecting the flow of traffic throughout the router and knowing where exactly there may be a vacancy to be tapped into.

Unlike the wireless fidelity coverage of the normal routers, the one for this is boosted in the sense of being made stronger and more likely to impact a wider area with minimal interferences.

This works in conjunction with the Beamforming technology to jointly deliver highly efficient wireless connectivity.

Its core features the range of parental controls that we have already alluded to. These controls may for instance give you power as a parent to determine the specific sites which the kids may access or which they may not. It hence puts you in full control over what the child may consume at any given time.

Apart from giving you control over what your child may or may not access, the router also grants you other powers. Among these is the guest Wi-Fi that assigns use to the guests and the WPA3. It hence goes that the item puts you ahead of the game with regards to the access and controls.

Like with any other router of its kind, this too requires some setup prior to eventual use. Its setup and management are nonetheless easier than those of its closest competitors.

Below are the steps you will have to follow to set up the gadget to make use of it thereafter:

Step I: Determine where to position the router

You should start by determining where exactly to position the router. This router has to be fixed at a place that is not near obstacles that may hinder the smooth transmission of the signals.

Then again it has to be far away from the small children who may hit on it and damage it altogether.

Step II: Mount and connect it to the internet

After having found a suitable spot to place it, go ahead and mount it there securely. Use screws and the screwdriver to fix it firmly on the wall to prevent fidgeting.

Then, proceed to connect it to the internet. This may take the form of a wireless connection or the use of a cable to attach it to the internet.

Step III: Configure the gateway of the wireless router

Now that you have connected the router to the internet, you have to configure its gateway appropriately. This step entails keying in the IP address and other unique identifiers.

It is somewhat complicated and may hence call for the intervention of a trained expert in matters of internet connectivity. But usually this shouldn’t be a problem.

Step IV: Connect gateway to router

You now have to connect the gateway to the router. The purpose of this stage is to establish a connection between the two to allow for the smooth flow and transmission of the signals back and forth.

This connection may be established through the use of a cable or via wireless means. The most standard connection is a cable connecting to the modem.

Step V: Set in place the access methods or principles

How would you wish to access the internet via the router? These two questions are answered by creating a relevant username and password.

The two metrics help to vet whoever may want to access the internet through the router.

Be sure to settle on a username and a password that are both easier to recall to prevent forgetfulness and unnecessary confusion.

Step VI: Update the router’s firmware (optional)

Though not a must, you may also wish to take this opportunity to update the router’s firmware. The firmware is the software that empowers the hardware component of the router to operate.

You only update it if you sense any malfunctions or confusion in the operations of the router. Of course, you will need professional assistance in all these.

Step VIII: Create a Wi-Fi password

You cannot afford to leave your Wi-Fi unprotected as that may allow for unauthorized access to the network and the utilization of the resources.

To stem this tide, you have to create a Wi-Fi password to regulate and limit access to the network as much as possible.


On the whole, the interface of this router is pretty simpler to make use of. Its interface comprises the icon and the network layout both of which are properly set along with greatly comprehensible options.

The menu on the other hand is very advanced, a fact that makes for faster configurations and everything you need logically and clearly displayed.


Now to the performance of this wonderful router. It is packed with tons of features that are all geared towards the great performance of the entire system.

First is the airtime fairness that prevents the older devices from slowing down the wireless fidelity and seeing to that the network, on the whole, is smooth and lag-free.

Next comes the beyond security trait that is intended for use by the parents. It is so-called as it exceeds the boundaries of the traditional network security in providing added safety to the network and the contents streamed.

Smart Controls

This router also works with Alexa voice controls. Because of this, it is operable via the voice controls over and above the traditional buttons.

Using the voice controls, you may turn the guest Wi-Fi on and off and even juggle a couple of operations. The voice controls reduce the hassles you may go through to operate the gadget.

Its wireless fidelity coverage is somewhat wider and more comprehensive than those of ordinary or competing routers. This is made possible by a combination of the boosted Wi-Fi coverage and the beamforming technology. Together, these two deliver a highly efficient wireless connection that also has a longer range of operations.

For your added convenience, the router works alongside the TP-link tether app. The app is operable via ordinary cellular networks and gives you the power to try out a couple of operations.

This app is comparatively simpler to set up. It cheapens the management of your home networks regardless of where you may be at any given time.

The gadget gives you some fair degree of choice to tap into. If you so wish, you may use it on the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz band. On the former, expect to attain the 600Mbps speed while 1300Mbps on the latter.

This arrangement definitely brings about some convenience to you. It also lets you maximize the available network resources.


In the course of operating, the router ejects three simultaneous data streams. Courtesy of this arrangement, you are able to connect up to three devices to the router at the same time.

If you opt only for one gadget per time, you enjoy the pleasure of optimal performance as the gadget determines the most efficient route to transmit the signal to the gadget in question.

Apart from merely sending out signals to other like-minded gadgets, this one also goes beyond even share content easily.

It comprises USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. These share out the medial files, and printers across your networks with ease. All you have to do is insert the cables and that is it.

Some 3 detachable dual-band antennas also come as vital parts and aspects of this router. They are basically intended for maximum wireless coverage and long-term reliability in the sense of picking signals over a wider area and relaying the same to the designated location of use with ease.

The core of the machine on the other hand features the 1GHz dual-core processor. Its role is to handle the wireless and wired connections simultaneously and without any undue interruptions.

Through this arrangement, you are assured of smooth and unconstrained streaming of the contents whenever the need for the same arises.

As if all the above are not enough, the device also enjoys unparalleled free 24/7 technical support. There is a team of customer care executives who are always on standby and ready to handle any queries that the clients may have while in the course of the use of the item. They also handle the issues within the shortest realistic time possible.

The Bottom Line

When all factors are taken into consideration, the TP-Link ac1900 comes out as a very affordable option. It is one that you want to set your eyes on if you are cash strapped but would still want to enjoy the benefits that the wireless routers of these kinds ordinarily have to bring along.

Though cheap, this wireless router does not disappoint when it comes to the performance thereof. It is by far very fast and able to conclude tasks within a very short time.

Owing to its fastness, the router is also able to bring forth crisp clear images and be used for prolonged streaming without losing the signals unnecessarily.

Stemming from its boosted range of signal transmission, this router is able to stream signals to gadgets that are located very far from it.

You may hence think of it when planning to stream contents in a large hall such as a classroom or a moderately large theater setting.

Upgrade pick

Do you need wider coverage? We would recommend for a 3000 SF+ home the TP-link Archer A20. It can handle a lot more than the a9, and it’s faster.

Did our TP-link ac1900 smart Wi-Fi router review and explanations above showcased its suitability for the said role?

Go ahead and leave a comment about your experience and any question you have related to this topic!

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