8 Reasons Why Your Ninja Blender Won’t Turn On

You try every day to eat healthy foods. This includes making sure you get a healthy amount of all of your food groups. And smoothies are a great way to get your portion of fruit every day.

Your blender is essential for this. So what happens if your Ninja blender won’t turn on?

Well, the bad news is that it might take a minute longer to get your smoothie. The good news is that chances are the problem is fixable.

This article will explain seven reasons your blender won’t turn on and how to fix it.

If the power is working but the blender light is blinking try steps 2, 5, 6, and 7

1. Power Issues

The first thing you should look for when your Ninja blender won’t turn on is an issue with its power source. Usually, you can tell this is an issue when the power button won’t light up.

Sometimes, people accidentally move the blender a lot and knock the plug out of its outlet. It’s possible the connections got loosened somehow. You might even be running too many appliances at once and fried your circuit.

First: Try to test the outlet to make sure its working. Use a voltage tester or plug in a charger or lamp to verify that the outlets are functional.

  • Pro tip: If the “outlet is not working” check out this guide for further trobleshooting.

If the outlet has power, make sure your blender is firmly plugged in.

To avoid injury or shock, be sure to disconnect the blender between steps.

2. Assembly Issues

The next thing you should troubleshoot is your assembly. Ninja Blenders can be fickle appliances. This means that you need to be certain that you’ve put the pieces together correctly before you can begin.

If your blender isn’t turning on, then go ahead and double-check the manual again (download manual). Study the instructions carefully and make sure that you assembled it the right way in the first place. This could save you a little time if this turns out to be the problem.  

The good news is that all you need to do to resolve this is put the machine together the right way. Once you’ve done that you should be making your favorite smoothies again in no time. 

3. Overheating

Next, go ahead and place your hand on the device. Is it cool or does it feel hot to the touch? If you answered that it’s hot, then you’ve identified your problem.

The most likely reason that this happened was that the thermal switch that’s meant to keep the blender cool got flipped. It’s not safe for the blender to run while it’s hot, so Ninja put a safety inside it to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

If this seems to be your issue, then unplug your blender for about fifteen to twenty minutes. This should be long enough for it to cool back down so you can try again.

4. Overfilling

If the issue isn’t any of the above, then it’s time to look inside your pitcher. Ninja Blenders are designed to only be able to handle so much food at one time. There should be a line near the top of the blender that lets you know when you’ve put in too much. 

What they don’t tell you is that you have to leave a little room for the blades to move too. So just because that’s where the line is doesn’t mean that you can shove the blender full of food below it. 

If you think this might be the problem, then take a few pieces of food out and set them aside. Blend the rest up and then put those pieces back in for mixing.

5. The Pitcher Isn’t Locked Properly

One common issue that can occur with the Ninja blender is if it isn’t assembled properly, or the pitcher is not tightly locked. This safety was put in place so that the blender won’t go flying as soon as you turn it on. 

To solve this problem, shift the pitcher slightly. You may also need to pull the blender off and turn it back into place again. Do this until the pitcher clicks into place.

Once that’s been done, you shouldn’t have any further issues.

6. The Arrows on Lid are Not Aligned

If you look closely at your Ninja blender, then you’ll see two little arrows on the top of the pitcher. Double-check to make sure that these arrows are lined up with each other. You’ve figured out the issue if they aren’t.

7. It Needs Cleaning

Next, take a look at the base of your blender. Sometimes when you’re putting together your smoothie, you get some crumbs on the base of the blender. If this happens, your Ninja blender is designed to not turn on. If those particles got inside the base, then it could cause damage to your blender.

In other words, if you get crumbs from cooking or preparing your smoothies, then it’s best to dust them off of the base of your blender before you begin. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to get back to making your smoothie.

The crumbs could also be blocking the safety switches and not letting the pitcher or lid click into place.

8. Faulty Parts

Finally, the last issue that you might have is that your Ninja is broken. There might be a faulty part or another similar issue. If this is the case, then you might be able to try getting some Ninja blender replacement parts. 

However, sometimes it’s not practical to hold on to a broken Ninja blender. But even if it turns out to be well and truly broken, it is still best to try to troubleshoot the problem before you decide to throw it away.

Resolve the Reason Your Ninja Blender Won’t Turn On Today

Your ninja blender could stop working for any of these reasons. The good news is that you know how to fix a ninja blender in most cases now. Make sure to perform some troubleshooting before you throw away a perfectly good ninja blender.

When your ninja blender won’t turn on, simply try to have a little patience. Chances are that it isn’t broken. You just need to resolve the problem. Once you have, you’ll be back to making your favorite smoothie again very soon.

Buy A New Ninja Blender

If all else fails, buy a new ninja blender! It will serve your family for many more years.


  1. My ninja blender power is coming on but when I press the buttons to start nothing. Followed all instructions. Any help will appreciate

    1. Hello Karen. I’m sorry I can’t help but we have exactly the same problem with our Nutri Ninja Auto IQ so I’d be very interested to know whether you have you had any luck sorting this?

  2. My blender worked very well. But it did not work yesterday. The engine still worked but the knife di not turn. I poured water inside, it still runs. But when i put some piece of onion or small piece of meat inside, it did not run. What’s the problem with it?

    1. Hi Trang.
      Most likely, the blender needs to be replaced.
      It seems the motor is no longer powerful enough to work properly.

    2. We purchased our Ninja in 2010. This model has the motor setting on the top. The problem is that one can spend 20 min. attempting to get the motor to fit securely on the top to start it. Frequently there is about 1/8 inch refusal of the motor to drop tightly onto the top base. All is aligned properly. Fussing with it, moving the spindle a turn or so, and any other maneuver doesn’t lead to any consistent solution. When I’m about to throw it out, the motor suddenly drops into place and works fine until I start the next batch of gazpacho and then the frustration starts all over again. I can’t afford a new one so am desperate to get this one to work. Suggestions?

  3. My ninja blender won’t turn on. I have followed all directions, all tips , read the manual but still won’t work. I’m very disappointed.

  4. It only shows a red blinking power button when I try to use it. Have never used it for anything hard or dirty. Mostly chopping clams that have been shucked. Don’t think I will ever buy another one as this is not old at all. Any suggestions??

    1. If the power is working but the blender light is blinking it usually means the pitcher is not clicked in correctly or the lid is not on properly try steps 2, 5, 6, and 7.

  5. Thank you, Ninja Troubleshooting Guide. I was able to follow a few troubleshooting steps which pinpointed and corrected the issue with my red power light blinking on my Ninja Professional 1000 Blender. Thank you again, I will not have to purchase a new blender today. 🙂

  6. Hello I have the biggest ninja blender not used that often and today I used it to make a smoothie and while it was doing it I could smell a burning smell and then after it stopped I turned it off and now it doesn’t turn on at all?

    1. I was blending with the ninja blender then it just crushed once and stopped. No power sign is coming on what would be the challenge and how do I resolve it.

    1. No power light, I did all of the check points and I am familiar with it’s operation. Is ther a fuse I can replace. Ninja IQ 1000.

      1. It is brand new and I made one smoothie. I am having the same issue with no power to unit now. The unit isn’t hot and my outlet is functioning properly. I have checked out all of the other suggestions and still no power. Any other ideas?

  7. The blade base turns but it is stiff. If I run it with vegetable oil will it loosen up?
    Blender still works but sometimes smells like it is overheated. I let it cool off and it works.

  8. The blender lights come one but non of the buttons work and it doesn’t turn on. If I leave it it will sometimes turn on and off in about 10 sec some times less sometimes more

  9. Mine will not turn on. Decided to take off base. 5 screws came right out. The 5 the one was a star head which I cannot find a driver to get it out. Why would you put that one star screw in? Seems to me you want people to trash it and buy a new one. It could be as simple as a blown fuse. Poor design.

  10. Mine spins but it’s as if I set it to low when I have it on high and it’s just water inside it any ideas use to work just fine

  11. My blender will not turn on. I have tried various outlets; it is clean and not used that frequently.

    1. did you find a resolution? Mine just started doing the same thing. It will start counting down with auto iq, but the blades do nothing.

      1. Mine is doing the same thing …it sounds like it running ok and the timer is counting down but the blade will not turn . I’ve tried various things but still can’t get it to work

        Anyone have any advice ?

        1. I believe my problem is with my handle on my pitcher it will not push down so it can not be locked into place so therefore the blender will not turn on. Can you buy a replacement for just the lid??

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